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About US

SVA is a Singapore based cosmetic company that was incorporated with the sole purpose to find natural solutions to maintain skin & hair health. We realised it early on that science is the key to develop natural beauty products that delivery visible results. So we invested our time and money towards research and development. Our mission is to revive traditional ingredients & beauty treatments with the help of modern cosmetic science. SVA Haircare range retails on WATSONS estore.

Meet the Founder & Creator of SVA: Deepali Razdan

Deepali is the Founder & Chief Formulator for brand SVA.  Her passion for reviving traditional beauty rituals & ingredients inspired her to start SVA. In 2015, she embarked on an exciting research journey to seek answers for covering greys naturally. As a Science graduate with keen interest in botanical herbs & chemistry, she experimented with various plant powders and natural ingredients to cover her grey hair issues. Meanwhile to understand the technicalities of developing a cosmetic product, she enrolled for Diploma in Cosmetic Formulations with award winning cosmetic school FORMULA BOTANICA, UK. Equipped with the product formulation knowledge & deep understanding of herbs, Deepali formulated her first 100% plant-based hair dye in 2018. After extensive product testing & trials, she launched the range of Plant-based hair products in March 2020 in Singapore.